Our biggest rewards come from hearing great feedback from our students as they go forward on their path as musicians. Following is a sampling.

Mila is an excellent teacher. She is very efficient and gives a lot of praise and encouragement. Mila does a fantastic job of teaching lessons and making them easy and understandable. I have had such an enjoyable experience learning to play the piano, and look forward to many more lessons in the future. – Angelina Giordano
I studied classical guitar with Mila for approximately 3 years, and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her. I was initially learning acoustic guitar, but was inspired by her playing on the classical guitar, so I decided to start learning classical guitar. I progressed through the RCM series and Mila strategically chose pieces suited to teach certain techniques to help me grow as a guitar player. During lessons, she offered constructive criticism and had a positive attitude towards how to correct mistakes and on how to improve. She is very knowledgeable in terms of classical guitar technique and is patient and passionate in teaching these techniques. I can still hear her enthusiastically say "...and prepare!" to remind me to get my fingers ready for the next notes for my left hand technique. Not only is Mila good at teaching technique, she is talented in teaching dynamics, timbres, and emotion with the use of story-telling to paint a picture about the pieces, which helps the student emote better. Mila also has very interesting and organic methods in teaching. For example, she encouraged using the voice to sing and act as a guide in helping to play more fluidly. Or there was a time when she stood up and started to waltz to help illustrate the strong beats in a three-four time signature! To me, Mila is an excellent guitar teacher. She made it fun and interesting to play, and guitar lessons were always a good break away from my technical occupation. Mila is well-rounded with the technical and emotional aspects required to play classical guitar. I was very fortunate to have learned from her! – Susanna

I really enjoy my guitar lessons with Mila because its one on one and I learn at my own pace. She's really nice and knows a lot about music and my lessons are always fun and informative. – Hadeel
Mila as a musician and a music teacher has the ability to weave fun into learning the art of music. She is interactive and kind, but still firm. When struggling, she will comfort you and give you courage to keep going. Mila is committed to playing music and is also a song-writer and singer. She is enthusiastic about pursuing your dreams as a blossoming musician and will stay by your side until you achieve your goals. I would highly recommend Mila as your next music teacher because I really enjoyed her as mine! – Julia

Mila is a friendly and patient guitar teacher who understands learning styles and can teach the playing, reading and composition of music. – Julien
I enjoyed each lesson with Mila. She actually came to me at my convenience at my house. She always watched me play and picked up on what was holding me back. Each lesson was designed to focus on what she saw that needed improvement. Mila gave me just the right amount of music to keep me busy from week to week. I loved it when Mila played for me. Such an accomplished musician, she made it look so fun. All the best Mila. Your student Tammy – Tammy Peterson

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